Deer Management Plan

Following on from the 2014 & 2016 Assessment against the DMG Benchmark & Public Interest Objectives and subsequent discussions with various stakeholder, the Balquhidder Deer Management Group (BqDMG) have updated their Deer Management Plan to show that we are a ‘fit for purpose’ Group working in a collaborative manner and with the aim of highlighting how we are currently delivering on some aspects of the identified Public Interests but to also agree a suite of actions to ensure we are assisting to deliver the range of Public Interests in the Scottish Governments strategy “Scotland’s Wild Deer. A National Approach”.

The main aspects of this Deer Management Plan (DMP) are to:

  • Encourage open dialogue and understanding of deer management within the BqDMG, not just between members, but also the wider public;
  • Ensure an agreed habitat monitoring protocol is undertaken by all members; and
  • Ensure that cull targets are set in an open and transparent manner using the most up to date information available.

The DMP has been split into 3 Parts to allow a more efficient updating process.

Part 1: Deer Management Working Plan: The Working Plan sets out the most up to date information on culls, counts and population targets as well as specific actions the Deer Management Group will undertake throughout the life of the plan. The Working Plan will be reviewed at least annually, with a systematic review of the whole plan taking place at the end of the five year period.
Part 2: Deer Management Plan Information: This sets out background information and details the Public Interest relating to Deer Management in the local area. Information on individual management units is also contained here.
Part 3: Group Operation: This section contains information relating to the Operation and Functioning of the DMG.


The various maps mentioned in each of the Parts of the DMP can be found here.