Deer Management

The BqDMG’s Long Term Vision for Deer Management is:

  • Members agree that deer should be managed in a way that provides numerous benefits to the local area whilst minimising local issues;
  • Members support the long term vision for deer populations and their management as laid out in ‘Scotland’s Wild Deer – A National Approach’;
  • In light of the Code of Deer Management (as set out in the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011), deer populations will be managed sustainably so that their management is fully integrated with all local land uses and land use objectives;
  • Such management will seek to follow Wild Deer Best Practice Guidance to safeguard high;
  • Standards of public safety, food safety and deer welfare, and will play a constructive role in the long term stewardship of local habitats;
  • Local deer management will continue to deliver and further develop its positive contributions to the rural economy and to the public in general; and
  • Deer management and wildlife management more generally within the Group will be seen as an attractive and worthwhile occupation associated with high standards of skills and employment practice.